Interview on B Smart with Thomas Hugues

Launch Party Paris June 14th 2022


Alexandre Mars – Entrepreneur & Philanthropist – Founder @Blisce & @EPIC Foundation

I have been lucky enough to know Romain Sion for more than six years now and to have him on my team at blisce/. An excellent investor, it is above all his great social intelligence, his human qualities and his generosity of heart that I wish to highlight today. Romain is an activist who nurtures the dream of reconciling finance, entrepreneurship and social issues in a sustainable and efficient way. He has just celebrated the publication of his first book, “Generation Impact”, for which I had the pleasure of writing the preface, and which demonstrates his commitment and all the actions he has carried out to help improve the daily lives of as many people as possible. Congratulations Romain for your confidence, your committed path and for this book! This book that I recommend is for all ages and all profiles, is available in all bookstores and online. impact #impactpositive #inspiration #engagement

Myriam Vander Elst – Philanthropist – Chief Engagement Officer @EPIC Foundation

Your book is great Romain Sion. Fluid. Easy to read. But above all it is a mixture of very candid descriptions on complex subjects, sometimes dark, even cynical. And you are a “Little Prince”. With your air of “I’m just passing by, I’m just listening, it’s interesting” you managed to build a strong narrative and argument. Well done. I hope the book will be a hit. Finally…mega touched by your thank you. It went straight to my heart. impact #impactpositive #inspiration #engagement

And proud to get support from many of you…