At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world!

“For several years, I have been doing my best to leave my comfort zone and adapt to new environments in order to discover the world and its challenges. These trips have taken me to the four corners of the world.

From the industrial revolution in Chinese factories, to one of the biggest tech IPOs in NYC, to the biggest urban slum in Kenya or the northern neighborhoods of Marseille, I had the opportunity to discover 4 essential spheres to build a better world: NGOs, companies, politics and media.

On the flip side, I am an investment director for Europe in a responsible investment fund. On the flip side, I spend almost all my holidays working for exceptional NGOs. Why do we constantly oppose the business world and the humanitarian world? Why do we have to choose between the two? The extreme challenges of our time have the merit of forcing us to take action.

And the good news is that everyone, including you, who is reading this, is in a position to make a difference. It is clear that, as citizens, we can all do something! We are at the verge of a major social and environmental revolution. The question we can all ask ourselves is: what can I do?

Passionate about entrepreneurship, technology & social impact.