Frederic Is Leading A Team of 600 Water Entrepreneurs In Cambodia

👋We had the chance 🍀to cross the road🚶 of Frederic Dubois 👨who is leading a team of 600 water 💦entrepreneurs🚀. In rural areas⛏️, water contamination is the leading cause of disease🤒 and death ☠️in these populations. The association 1001 fountains, does it speak to you?📣 An exciting 😃adventure on access to drinking water 💦in rural areas!

They are building👷‍♂️ turnkey water kiosks, which are donated 🎁to the villages. The management of the kiosks is covered by micro-entrepreneurs🚀, who ensure the production and home-delivery of water bottles🍶. Their system is 100% sustainable🌳 while providing quality water💧 at an unbeatable price💰. $ 0.4 for 20 liters!

Every day☀️, 500 000 people 🏆✌️access drinking water through their network of 200 kiosks. Their goal🎯 is one million beneficiaries by 2020.

🌟🌟🌟At Our Own Pace And Scale, Everyone Can Aspire To Change The World🌟🌟🌟

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