The Futures Factory, an NGO Led Shopping Center For Social Enterprises in Cambodia

✌️As you know, I travelled 🌏this summer🌞 to Cambodia 🇰🇭for a full immersion with Friends International which is a leading social enterprise🚀 saving😀 lives and building⚒️ futures of the most marginalized children 👦👧in South East Asia. Their secret sauce is brilliant🌟. They are building social enterprises to teach 👨‍🏫youth practical & soft skills in promising industries🍴💇‍♂️ before supporting them finding a job 💼across the country.

Friends International created multiple social enterprises from garages🏍️, restaurants🍴, hairdressers💇‍♂️, electricity services🌟, beauty salons❇️, apparel shops👚… It was a real success🌟 within the expat community. However, Friends International’s mission🚀 went beyond. They wanted to involve every stakeholder in their adventure including locals. To meet their goals🎯, they had to create a customer experience which was standard equivalent to normal shopping🛍️ centers.

They took the challenge and opened🔓 the Futures Factory 🛍️ which is melting pot of creativity🖍️, social enterprise🚀 and community collaboration👋. Customers can either find all the Friends International shops, services and restaurants 🍴 as well as traditional cafés☕ and eco and socially responsible shops🏪. The experience is stunning! 👍Families can join concerts, activities and enjoy shopping when at the same time, youth from the most marginalized communities are trained for promising jobs😀.

🌟🌟🌟At Our Own Pace And Scale, Everyone Can Aspire To Change The World🌟🌟🌟

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