Civil War Refugee at 14 to Entrepreneur

Hi everyone,

This week-end, I decided to stop by Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania 🇷🇴. City well known as the economic heart of Romania. Exhausted due to my flight delay ✈️, I arrived very early in the morning at my hotel. After a 15-minute nap, I was awake by Bala, my roommate. A 50 year old man with a large smile 😀 on the face. We sympathized instantly and we decided to spend the next evening together. After two beers 🍺, I discovered that this man had a truly inspirational story. He is now living a peaceful life in Germany 🇩🇪 with his wife and two kids but before reaching that point, he had to go through a lifetime challenge. Bala was born in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 and he was living a happy life. When he turned 14 years old, the civil war broke out between the government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. To protect children rights and abuse, Germany set up a policy for every child under 16 years old 👦 by granting them a visa and a flight to Germany. At 14 years old, he has been sent to Germany without any friends or family. He was alone! He explained that: “For a month, I was crying every day”. He also said that he was lucky because many people supported him along the way. Those people were in vast majority elder people surprised seeing every day the same young boy in the streets. One day, one old man invited him to spend every week-end at his place with his two daughters for dinners and accommodation. Starting from that, he regained confidence and he found his first job as a street cleaner. Today, he is running an importation business with 9 employees. He travels the world 🌍 and imports thousands of different products. He told me: “I am not a businessman but I am working hard to succeed”. Today, most of his family lives across Europe! Truly amazing entrepreneur! 😉

We should never forget the chance we had to be born in Europe! 👍

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