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Hi Everyone,

During my stay in Cluj Napoca, I had the chance to spend one afternoon with a group project led by the city hall of Cluj Napoca. 5 NGOs from Roumania 🇷🇴, Albania 🇦🇱, Poland 🇵🇱, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 and Portugal 🇵🇹 focusing on social and economic inclusion of young children 👦👧 with disabilities gathered together. They started the preparation of a travel ✈️ for 40 young children. We had a great time discussing on their mission and challenges. They all expressed a true passion ♥️ about their involvement but they also shared their daily challenge on the financing 💰 side. Teaming up with other organizations to reduce the project cost was a great solution! Based on my previous travels, I would also add another advantage of gathering NGOs together. There is strong interest from NGOs for sharing knowledge and best practices with each other.

Together, we are stronger!


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