The World is getting better but most people ignore it!

Hi Everyone,

Few days ago, I had the chance to be 100m below the sea 🌊 level to visit the massive mines ⛏️of Salt in Turda Transilvania 🇷🇴. Launched in 1271, the salt was all extracted manually  by workers 👨and horses 🐎 working in horrific conditions. For example, after two weeks, horses were becoming blind and after 6 months, they had to retire. Nowadays, this process is fully automated 🗜️and this mine has been converted into a museum. It made me think about a philosophicquestion : IS THE WORLD GETTING BETTER? If that is the case, WHY HARDLY ANYONE KNOWS IT? When we read the news, we see the world going to hell with terrorist attacks, nuclear threats, economic crisis, unemployment… From a recent survey, only 6% of the US 🇺🇲population thought things are getting better. Let’s have a look into an interesting report from the World Bank: 1) Poverty 😣: in 1950, 75% of the world were living in extreme poverty. Today, it is less than 10%. 2) Literacy 📘: over the last 2 centuries, literacy has gone from a tiny elite to a world where 8 out of 10 people can read and write. 3) Health 🏥: in 1800, 40% of the newborns died before the age of five. Now, it is a tiny fraction. 4) Education 👩‍🏫: the access to upper secondary and post-secondary education continues to improve globally ~30% today. It is an ironic situation where the world has never been as good as today and most people ignore it. We need more media and journalists 🗞️focusing on 👍 positive changes around the world 🌍. While being optimistic, we have to keep in mind that major challenges are still ahead with larger social inequalities and ecological emergency.

Stay tuned! 👋

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