Andi Develops 3.0 coding classes to train people for the new economy

Hi Everyone,

Most developers and tech guys in Romania live in Cluj-Napoca which is also called the Silicon Valley of Romania. Willing to better understand the ecosystem, I met Andi a young and ambitious full stack developer 💻. Few months before, he had quited his well-paid job to join Carmel as a Co-founder 🚀. Carmel is not a random startup looking for a quick exit in cash 💰. At the cross path between Edtech 👩‍🏫and Blockchain 🖥️, they aim at providing best in class 3.0 coding #️⃣sessions for people looking to train for the new economy. ! A recent study in le Figaro 📰 predicts 85% of the existing jobs will disappear within the next 30 years and it has already started. Their target customers are the 50 year old people who want to learn coding #️⃣ because they know their jobs are going to disappear. After a successful $200k ICO that has been fully invested into product development, the crypto market crashed and they had to look for other financing options. When I met Andi, he was working hard ⚒️💪 and he had just spent his last €500 of personal reserve. Giving up, never! 😎💪 Why? He is passionate 🤩 and he has a true mission 🚀with Carmel!



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