“Hello”, So simple but also so important!

Hi Everybody,

Do you know La Nuit de la solidarité? It’s a survey 📝launched by Anne Hidalgo to count and profile homeless people in Paris 🇨🇵 in order to improve social services. Last Thursday was the 2nd edition. Clément, one of my colleagues suggested our team to join as volunteers. Our mission: count and survey homeless people living in a delimited sector in the 8th district of Paris. That is where I met Amady, our team leader for the night🌠🌃. Amady is director of a social center 🏬for homeless people with 152 seats exclusively dedicated to women 👩. During three hours 🕖, we asked him many ❓questions ❓ about the social center organization, the main challenges, the impact of immigration… We finally came to the following question: 👉 what is the best way to help homeless people? His answer surprised me! It was clear and straight forward: it was not about money, food, clothes… It was about consideration and social contact. It starts with a simple and a true “Hello”. 😄👉 Hello, everybody can say it and everybody can do it.

Imagine if we all do it! 🤩🤩💪What do you think?

See you soon! 👋🙋

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