Omar – Father, Electrician, Ex-Military and Refugee

Hi Everyone,

Last Thursday I finished late and I was looking to grab sushis 🍣 on the way back home. Nearby the shop 🏬, I met with Omar. He did not ask for money 💰 but just something for dinner 🍴. I offered him to order with me and we finally spent the all evening 🌠 together. Native from Mali 🇲🇱, Omar has two children 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 who are still living in Africa. Before the Libyan revolution 🔫, he had a peaceful ☮️ life with his family and a job as an electrician. When the Malian war 💥 started in 2012, he enlisted in the government army and he fought a few years for his country. However, after the putsch, the president had to exile and Omar’s situation got worse. His family 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 was endanger. Anytime during the night 🌙, armed groups could come to his place and kill him with his family. He had to flee his country without his children and try to find a better place to live. From Turkey 🇹🇷 to Grece 🇬🇷 on a small pirogue ⛵ to his multiple attempts to cross the European border 🛃, it took him two years. One of the most difficult part of his life, he said. After one month and a half in France, he does not have papers 📝, he has to sleep from time to time in the streets 💤, he has not seen this family for two years and he does not have enough cash 💰 to go back to Mali. 👉I was speechless: he has almost nothing and he did not complain once during our dinner.

🌠🌠🌠One more time, people like Omar reminds us our incredible chance to live in a great country like France.🌠🌠

I wondered: if I was in his shoes, what would I do? Would I escape my country to find a better life for my family? I am convinced that discussing with refugees could remove many clichés that we could have on them.

👉What do you think? 👋

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