Peter wants to rebuild the slum of Kibera with decent homes

👋Hi Everyone👋,

Have you met Peter? Peter is a young Kenyan 🇰🇪 leader with a BIG dream. He was born in the middle of Kibera, one of the largest African slum located in the south of Nairobi. Living in Kibera was his biggest challenge 💥 in life. He said: “You do not have dreams, you think you can not make it in life and you feel inferior”. It really affected him when he was young 🧒. One day, he had the chance to meet with an impact driven 🚀 non-profit organization called Carolina for Kibera. It changed his mentality 😀 and CFK made him believe in himself 💪. During school holidays, he joined mentorship 👨‍🏫 and leadership 🌠 programs where he had the opportunity to learn and to get motivated. After receiving a sponsorship 💰 to join high school education, he got accepted at the University of Nairobi 🎓 for a degree in civil engineering 🛠️. When we met, he was doing his 4thyear internship with the construction 👷 of a brand new bridge 🌉 in Kibera. When I asked him about his 🚀 lifetime dream 🚀, his answer was clear and straight forward: he wants to rebuild the infrastructure of the slum with decent homes 🏠 and to be a role model for the youth in Kibera. He wants them to believe they can make it not matter their background no matter they come from.
👉He said: 🌠🌠🌠“I truly believe when the youth succeed then the overall community will have succeeded.”🌠🌠🌠 I wonder: 👉How massive will be the impact of on an inspiring young leader like Peter on the overall community?

👉Interview in video: 

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