Peggye- Born in a small village in Madagascar, she became a role model for her community

👋👋Hi Everyone, 👋👋

Have you already met with Peggye? She is a mission driven, brilliant 🌠 and humble woman 👩 living in Paris 🇫🇷. Impressive story 📝! Peggye was born in a small village 🏠 of 34k inhabitants in the northern part of the Madagascar 🇲🇬 where 72% of the population live with less that $1 /day 💰. During colonialism, her grandfather👴 who was a farmer 👨‍🌾, had noticed that the common denominator of wealthy people was education 👨‍🏫. With his wife, they tighten their belt all their life to send their 8 children to University🎓. Unlike most other kids 👨‍👦‍👦 in her village, Peggye’s family always supported her psychologically and financially 💰 to succeed at school even if it was not always easy. However, after her first year in law school 📔, almost every university shut down due to an attempt coup to take over the existing government. She could have given up but she did not. At 19 years old, she decided to apply abroad thousands of kilometers 🌍 from her family 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦. Among tens of thousands of applicants, she received the Boutmy scholarship to join the prestigious school of Science Po in Paris 🇫🇷. With her degree in the pocket, she could have applied to best in class law firms with high paid salaries 💰 but it was not her mission. She decided to join a mission driven start up 🚀 called EPIC foundation which aims at fighting against social inequalities globally. In parallel, she is also very active in the community of Antalaha with the opening of a school for handicapped ♿ people with her family.

Her mission is to give a chance to every disadvantaged children 👦 and to convince them that they can also realize their dreams 🚀🚀! She has more than a mission. 👉👉🌠 Today, she is a role model for the overall community of Antalaha!🌠🌠

Have you met amazing people like Peggye around you?

See you soon!👋


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