Bob – CEO of the largest East African company fighting hard for transparency

Hi everyone,👋

Do you know Bob? 👋Bob is the CEO👨‍⚖️ of Safaricom🛰️, the largest company🏨 in East Africa. I met with Bob in Nairobi🇰🇪 to discuss about purpose💫, transparency & corruption. He is not only one of the most successful🚀 leader in Kenya but also an inspiring activist capitalist. For him, corruption is currently pretty rough💥 & corporately it is a bad example. Some business leaders😠 do not have the right compass and success is frequently measured by how many farms🏡, how many cars🚗 you own… In many ways, bad examples have been set up for the young generations. One of his first action💡 was to bring more transparency as a CEO by disclosing his net assets and revenues💰. The first year, nobody came along except a close friend👬. Sometime doing the right thing requires a lot of 💫moral courage💫 even if there is a personal impact. However, those moves will create change and change will drive progress. Few years back, there was no law against bribery in the private sector in Kenya. After a harsh fight💥 for regulatory⚖️ chance, Bob suggested a law📝 which has now been enacted. He said: “As CEO of the wealthiest company in the country, if I want to play the stupid corruption game🎲, we could afford to bribe more than anyone else. But the minute🕐 we get into that game, every small business in this country will have a bad future. I have to stand firm! I have zero tolerance to corruption”.

👉As a role model for the new generation, Bob advocates for the 3P: 🌠PURPOSE, 🌠PEOPLE and 🌠PROFIT. “The first thing to do is: find your purpose, then, find the right people around you and finally, focus on profit otherwise you will not be able to afford all of that.” Do you know people like Bob?

Safaricom has been ranked as Africa’s Best Employer by Forbes


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