Fany – Mother and Hard Working She wants a better life for her daughter

👋 Hi Everyone,

I had the chance🤩 to stay a week in Cuzco 🌎. Every morning, I used to go to El Mercado San Pedro 🛒for my breakfast 🍊. Imagine, hundreds of small shops selling similar products in a not only friendly 🤗 but also ultra-competitive 🏁 atmosphere. This is how I met with Fany at her small shop selling fruit juices 🍌🍍🍎. She was not pushy to make my buy, just a great & authentic smile 😄. In the morning, I was coming to get my fruit juice & exchange about our respective cultures 📚. Selling fruits on the market is clearly not very well paid 💰 but that was Fany’s job. Without complaining, she explained that she was doing all of that for her daughter 👩. She was fighting hard ⚔️ for her by getting up very early in the morning & trying to offer the best juice 🍹possible to her customers 👥. She wanted to make sure her daughter could access education 🎓 & get a better life👍. As a single mother, she was managing everything from paying the bills🖊️ to taking care of her daughter. I have been amazed by her true commitment 🤩& true proof of love! ♥️Around the world, there are so many unknown heros who are fighting everyday to improve other’s life!

👉🌠I am convinced that massive impact will be driven by collective actions coming from all of us.🌠🌠🌠 At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world!🌠🌠🌠

Talk you soon!


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