Sarah and Her Impact Driven Team Support 77 000 Disadvantaged in Bugaria

Few years back, Sarah would have never imagined launching Trust for Social Achievement a leading organization in Bulgaria with an ambitious vision: Help Bulgaria’s most disadvantaged achieve educational & economic success. After working a decade in large US institutions, she had the opportunity to conduct research on social inclusion in Bulgaria. Her lifetime mission became clear! In 2012, she founded the Social Trust for Achievement. With her team of 30 mission driven employees, she focuses on developing innovative & data driven approaches that increase self-sufficiency & improve life outcomes for Bulgaria’s poor, with a focus on the Roma. Here is one of their impactful success. They noticed that due to lacks of national policy on kindergarten, only 45% of Roma 3–6 years old attended kindergarten while knowing that quality early education improves later school performance. Hand in hand with the World bank’s team of experts, they conducted the first randomized control trial impact evaluation in 240 settlements with the help of 23 NGOs. Results were stunning! Thanks to a law change, welfare payments increased the Roma Kindergarten enrollment to 68% & it should reach 85% once the kindergarten fees will be fully removed. Great example of how data driven approaches can drive massive change across a country!

👉Social for Trust Achievement is: 4 program areas / 257 projects funded / 77 000 beneficiaries / +$12M raised over the past 6 years

🌠🌠🌠“At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world”🌠🌠🌠

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