Faith – 17 Years Old, Mother, Student and Young Leader in the Largest Urban Slum in Africa

👋How would you react if a 17 years old joyful girl👧 tells you that few years back, she wanted to kill☠️ herself because of her pregnancy👶? It was a Thursday at 5.30am. After a 20 minute walk across metal sheets barracks, Faith welcomed🙂 us in her tiny 12m2 family house🏠. While washing her daughter clothes, Faith described the discovery of her pregnancy after 7 months, the father’s refusal to recognize his twins, the rejection of her friends, the death of one of the twins & her desire to commit suicide…

But that was before! 😀🌠Then, she met with an impactful NGO called Carolina for Kibera which empowered her, gave her confidence back & supported her to go back to school.🚀 Her most important learning 👩‍🏫was to be able to say NO! She became an 🌠inspiring young woman🌠 fighting for her daughter. She told me: “I am working hard because I do not want my daughter to suffer” She also became class representative at school. What’s really struck me was when she took me aside before I left. She asked me support for one recurring challenge: sanitary napkins for her classmates. Her only request was not even for herself but for her classmates… 17 years old and she is already an inspiring leader!💪😀 .

👉”At our own pace and scaler, everyone can aspire to change the World!”🌠

Faith CFK Romain Sion 1Faith CFK Romain Sion 2Faith CFK Romain Sion 3Faith CFK Romain Sion 4Faith CFK Romain Sion 5Faith CFK Romain Sion 6

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