Bulgarian Immigrant and Entrepreneur,Plamen Wants To Change Perceptions About His Country

👉Plamen is a Bulgarian immigrant & entrepreneur 👔who moved back to Bulgaria🇧🇬 with a bold purpose driven🚀 project in mind. Born👶 & raised in Bulgaria, he immigrated to Spain 🇪🇸when he turned 16 due to family reasons. After his bachelor degree, he spent a few years climbing the corporate ladder where he discovered that, he was moving away from his values & from finding a purpose through work.

After an adverse event in the company, he decided to get a fresh start with a one year journey in Australia🇦🇺. It was a journey ✈️of self-discovery, about what he wanted to achieve in life. This was one of the toughest periods he had ever experienced, where he felt more alone than ever. However, this made him changed his mindset where the fear of failure got replaced by 🌠the drive for contribution🌠.
He also realized that Bugaria has a beautiful nature⛰️, a rich culture 📚& history, excellent food🍎, long-preserved traditions 🤼and a great hospitable people 💁. Only really few of those he met abroad were aware of this and he wanted to contribute to changing perception about his country.

👉 It became his🌠 mission 🌠and that is how the idea to launch Insaiders which is an online travel marketplace, connecting travelers seeking for authentic experiences in Bulgaria with passionate knowledgeable locals. https://www.insaiders.com/


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