Entrepreneur and Immigrant, Asmaa Uses Cooking as Powerful Weapon to Fight Prejudices

👋Can you imagine cooking 👨‍🍳as a powerful weapon🚀 to fight cultural 📚prejudices? That is Asmaa’s secret weapon! Born in Morocco🇲🇦, she studied accounting before immigrating to France🇨🇵. Without the right diplomas & cultural codes, her integration was a challenge ⛰️but she did not give up. After several jobs in accountability and telemarketing, she decided to get a fresh start with a🌠 purpose driven mission🌠.

As a talented cooker, Asmaa noticed that cooking was a powerful way to engage about her Moroccan culture and fight prejudices💪. That’s why, she turned into an entrepreneur 🚀with the creation of a catering company called “La Table d’Asmaa”. Do you remember the slogan “Impossible is nothing”📣? It summarizes Asmaa’s mindset. When “Le Quai Branly” offered her to cater 500 guests as one of her first events, she took up the challenge. She worked hard 💪and delivered an outstanding service 👍🏆without having the resources in the first place. As of today in partnership with an impact startup called Meet My Mama, Asmaa offered her catering services inspired from her Moroccan culture to prestigious customers such as Publicis, Vinci, Total or BNP.

The employees of “The Table d’Asmaa” are not normal employees. Asmaa works closely with young teenagers who need a second chance by teaching them not only cooking👨‍🍳 but she also makes her best efforts💼 to restore their self-confidence and empower them for a better future! 😉http://latabledasmaa.com/

👉 “At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world”🌠🌠🌠


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