They Teach, Empower, Console, Encourage, Teachers are True Heroes

Teachers 👨‍🏫are a cornerstone of our society. We all remember a great teacher who encouraged us during hard⛰️ times, who told us that we could make it or who punished 😢us for a reason that we understood few years later. They are true 😎💪heroes!

I will never forget my discussion with the head teacher of the Lindi School located in a very poor slum. It was surprising, this school was a haven of joy🌞 and gaiety🌈. After a warm welcome from 50 young & dynamic children👦👧 at the entrance gates👋, I had the chance to seat down few minutes with the head teacher. He shared with me scaring numbers🔢: out of the 200 children, only 2 validated their high school final exams and none of them could pay for the high school fee. They had one book 📚for up to 10 children. He was struggling to pay💰 for the other teachers’ salary.
However, his mission 🚀has remained intact for the last 20 years: he has to make his best efforts 💪to provide as much education👩‍🏫 as he could to his school kids. If he does not, no one will do. I have been really impressed😀🌠 by this man who was been fighting 💥for more than 20 years and never gave up!

🌠🌠🌠“At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world”🌠🌠🌠

Lindi School Romain SionLindi School 2Lindi School 3Lindi School Romain Sion

Lindi School Romain Sion
Lindi School Romain Sion

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