Belinda – From Slum To a Career of Professional Footballer

👋Currently professional 🏟️footballer⚽, Belinda did not forget🔙 where she came from. Every day, she comes back training🏃‍♀️ with her previous team🏁.

Located in Kibera🇰🇪, the largest urban slum in Africa, she wants to empower and teach younger kids👦👧. Belinda is 19 years old and 3rdborn in a family of 4👨‍👨‍👧‍👦. When she was younger, she did not want to waste🙇 time doing nothing. That is why, she started playing football🏟️.

When she heard about the Carolina for Kibera’s queens team, she joined! CFK, a local 🌠NGO which leverages Sport 🌠as a powerful 💪tool to build community resilience and prevent violence💥. It builds social competence, establishes positive🌞 social norms to protect adolescents from negative influence.

From Monday to Friday📅, they train. On Sunday, girls are called for talks about their interactions with the community👩‍🏫. For example, they are taught about what to do if they are raped💥.

Last year, CFK participated to a tournament 🏟️where Belinda has been identified as 🌠a great potential🤩. After a strict selection process, Belinda has been offered a professional contract🚀 and a seat as a full time player with the mother united team.

Every day, Belinda comes back training with her ex-teammates to share her skills and show that it is possible to make it! 19 years old and she has already made giving back a priority!

🌠🌠🌠“At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world”🌠🌠🌠

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