Enkhjin CEO of Gerhub – Innovation to Fight The Most Pressing Issues Of The Ger Areas in Mongolia

👋Did you know that every year hundreds of children 👶die ☠️in the Ger Areas due to pollution🌫️ & sanitation 🚽issues? Gerhub is a non-profit social enterprise that is using innovation 🚀to support local communities located in the Ger areas. Their main projects focus on researching🔎 and developing ways to affordably modify and modernize the Mongolian ger 🏠 to meet the housing needs of ger area residents.

Almost 40% of the population living in Ulan Bator live in Ger Areas which are semi-formal, unplanned housings🏠 around the city. Ger is the word for the Mongolian round tent⛺ like nomadic dwelling. However, the main identifying factor for the ger areas is that none of the households are connected to the core infrastructure of central heating🔥🌡️, running water🚿, or plumbing. Imagine what happens when temperature dips below -40°C🌡️ and there is no public sewer for the toilets. For example, during the winter❄️, when hundreds of thousands households use their coal heating at the same time, the air becomes so polluted that you can not even see 15 meters 🌫️in front of you.

Gerhub addresses those issues through innovation 🚀with partnerships with international🌎 universities. For example, they are currently testing a new isolation 🧱method which is easy to install and affordable 💰by everyone. They also put a lot of efforts on training the young generations👧🧒 with programs raising awareness about methods to improve life conditions of the ones living in the Ger districts.

Here is the interview of Enkhjin, the CEO of Gerhub: Link

🌠🌠🌠At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world!🌠🌠🌠



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