Celestine Convinces Pregnant Mothers To Give Birth In Healthy Environments

👋How would you react as a pregnant 🤰woman if you are refused by hospitals ⛑️when your baby 👶is due to arrive? It seems so far from what we are living in countries such as France 🇨🇵where I am currently based. One more time, we are so lucky🤞. When I was in Kenya🇰🇪, I witnessed several situations where pregnant women had been refused from up to 4 public hospitals🏥 before reaching the mission driven Tabitah Clinic.

Maternal 🤱and child 🧒👧mortality are still major issues 💥in Kibera, the largest urban settlement in Africa located in the south of Nairobi Kenya🇰🇪. Carolina for Kibera, an impactful🌠 NGO fighting🔥 to alleviate poverty in Kibera created the Tabitah Clinic🏥⚕️. They provide quality, affordable 💰and accessible maternal and child health services. Every year, they supports thousands of mothers 🤱and children and they give hope to a community 🤩who has almost no access to public health services.

We had the chance to meet with Celestine and her husband 👫on the way for a new ultra sound at the Tabitah clinic. Celestine was waiting for a 4th child 👶and she was worried😟. Few weeks ago, she was bleeding 🆎and she could have lost her baby. At the Tabitah clinic, she was receiving the proper management💉 from mission-driven 🚀doctors at a subsidized price 💰that she could afford.

Celestine mentioned three main challenges⛰️ for pregnant women in Kibera. Districts hospitals are too expensive💰, it is complicated to reach the hospital with public transportation🚊 when the baby is coming and security 💥especially when it is late at night🌌. It explains why many women still give birth at home in dangerous⚠️ and extremely poor sanitary conditions. Celestine has now decided to join Carolina for Kibera🌠 staff to share her experience and convinced pregnant woman 🤰to be followed at the Tabitah clinic.

🌠🌠🌠At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world!🌠🌠🌠

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