Moussa Trains the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs To Fight For Social Integration

✌️In sensitive 💥urban areas in France🇨🇵, the unemployment rate is 2X📈 higher than the national average. For Moussa, economic integration is the cornerstone of social success🚀. In 2015, Moussa launched Les Déterminés, a mission driven🌠 NGO🌠 aiming at supporting the success of entrepreneurs in sensitive💥 urban and rural areas.

Self-taught👨‍🏫 and resolutely audacious, Moussa started his career as an entrepreneur in the telecom ☎️industry at 21 years old. Without support 💁and network🕸️, he discovered how hard⛰️ it was to create a company. At the same time, he identified countless examples of young talents👦 full of ambition, full of energy 💪but lacking of skills, knowledge and network to launch successful business.

To fight for a brighter☀️ future in sensitive 💥areas, Moussa believes in entrepreneurship as a powerful weapon. In 2015, he launched Les determines which is a program for young entrepreneurs, free of charge 🆓and with an application process 100% based on determination💪😀. They provide a personalized training around 2 main pillars: knowledge and network.

Within 4 years, Les Déterminés launched 10 promotions of entrepreneurs across 5 different departments in France✌️😀. After this successful milestone, Moussa now ambitions to scale🚀 the program nationally. Do you know why none of the 144 trained participants dropped the program before completion? Because they are Determined🌠!

🌠🌠🌠At our own pace and scale, everyone can aspire to change the world.🌠🌠🌠

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