Digitalization As A Powerful Tool To Make NGO’s Operations More Efficient

👋Convincing a donor to🌠 support an 👨‍🏫educational program is much more concrete and attractive 🧲than financing 💰office rentals or IT 💻 software that are just as important. Many NGOs are therefore forced to under-staff or✂️ limit certain key expenditure items, particularly those related to the admin.

To our knowledge, 3 levers may apply to cover these costs:
1) Securing non allocated funds for specific projects 📝(ex: EPIC Foundation)
2) Launch self-financing 🌀 activities to cover part of the budget
3) Digitalization🖥️ by integrating a panel of IT solutions into their activities

This summer☀️, our mission 🚀at Friends International is part of their digitalization strategy which aims at setting up a central 🎯information system. Who would not dream of collecting data💾 in real time or automating reportings? For some NGOs, some reports may take up to a week to consolidate. Our goal 🚀is to help them in the identification and implementation of their recruitment👨‍💼👩‍💼 platform to ensure the matching / tracking of hundreds of beneficiaries from Vocational Training Programs with companies seeking to recruit. The stakes are various: cost💰, integration, UX, security, internal resources, API … A few more days ☀️of work and we will provide them our report.

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