Friends International Is Convinced About The Benefits Of Tech and Aims At Being Fully Digitalized

👋After completing our mission 🚀at Friends International which was to support 🤝on the identification and implementation of a recruitment platform to ensure the matching 🔥/ tracking🔎 of hundreds of beneficiaries👦👧, we shared our report📄. We have recommended the implementation of two integrated solutions🖥️: Oscar and Salesforce. What we really appreciated is their real desire to digitalize all their programs. We had interesting conversations related to the implementation of those solutions, team trainings, recruitment of their future IT / CTO💻, cost 👛optimization…

In general, we have noticed many NGOs perceive digitization as a powerful 💪way to create a sustainable 🚀competitive advantage (centralized data💿 collection, automated reports📄, real-time informationℹ️…). On the other side, we also notice that the panel of available solutions is growing📈. Companies like Salesforce created specific packs for NGOs, startups are developing dedicated SaaS solutions or NGOs partnered 🤲 together to share the costs of developing a 🌠common tech solution…

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