At GoJob, Sylvain Leverages a Temporary Worker Marketplace as a Powerful Inclusion Tool for Jobless Persons

Have you already heard about the startup GoJob? Gojob is a leading marketplace for temporary workers. They offer temporary assignments to a pool of 50 000 temporary workers throughout France. Their mission is clear: offer a job with a decent living wage, social benefits and a real capacity to progress to all who want to work, whatever their age, gender, social background, past experiences or diploma.

To make this dream come true, they count on Sylvain who’s leading the GoJob foundation which is a significant shareholder of GoJob. After a long career working for social businesses across the world and a few years working closely with Muhammad Yunus, Sylvain settled down in France to structure the foundation and address 4 major challenges:

Attract motivated jobless persons who are under the radar. GoJob leverages social media and digital strategies which are almost unused by traditional interim players to attract GoJobbers on the platform. They are also co-developing with Polytechnique an AI solution to better assess motivation and skills of unemployed people and better match them to assignments based on their skills.

Make sure they can find out a job fast. Sylvain’s motto is “Work First”. The first step to get people back in society is to them a job fast (ex: refugees…). They created the GoJob factory which trains groups of 12-15 persons with a 2-3 month intense soft & hard skill trainings before placing them for 1 year contract with partner companies.

Offer frequent trainings and career progressions. It is an important factor to retain GoJobbers on the platform and to get them better work conditions. However, the challenge is scale. They are currently exploring how digital tools can be better leveraged for soft and hard skill trainings. Micro E-learning formats are one the promising alternative.

Involve CEOs & corporate leaders to be more inclusive. Many corporate leaders want their company to be more inclusive but they do not know how to improve. Sylvain contributed to the launch of the Inclusion Campus. Supported by inspiring leaders such as Emmanuel Faber or Jean-Dominique Senard (CEOs of Danone and Renault) they gather classes of 20 executives during 6 months to work on concrete inclusion plans in their company. The Campus aims to train over 3000 executives over 3 years.

When someone has been unemployed for a while, he has around 20% chance to find out a job within the next year. With GoJob, they raised that ratio to 50%. Moreover, 80% of the Gojobbers were unemployed before becoming temporary workers and 50% did not have the BAC. After 3 months at GoJob, 20% found a CDI / CDD and 55% are still working or in training with GoJob.

At Our Own Pace And Scale, Everyone Can Aspire To Change The World

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