Hubert, The Mission Driven Man Who Recycles Bicycle Tires With Disabled Persons

👋Two years ago, Hubert identified🎯 a major pain point. In France🇨🇵, more than 400 000 disabled♿ persons were looking for a job and 10M old bicycle 🚲tires were burn every year. Can we combine social & environmental impact in a single company? YES! In 2017, La Vie Est Belt was born as a socially and environmentally friendly brand producing made in France fashion accessories.

Hubert is an engineer with a passion for product development. He started his career at Decathlon as a product engineer in textile across France 🇨🇵and China🇨🇳. He loved♥️ the adventure but he noticed that he was working for the 2nd most polluting industry in the world🌍. To finalize his studies👩‍🎓, he moved a few months to Bogota where he discovered another face of the country. Every Wednesday, he was organizing activities 🏃‍♂️for young disadvantaged children the middle of a slum.

When he came back to France with the desire to launch a business🚀, he knew one thing. The mission of his company could not only be Money💰. It will have to be aligned with his values and his quest for a purpose. To identify the products he would focus on, he made his research which led him to two discoveries🔭. More than 320T of tire⚙️ were burn every year and thousands of motivated disabled persons were struggling to find a job. That was the beginning of La Vie est Belt!

Hubert spent the first 5 months of the adventure in his garage trying to design✍️ the first prototypes with a shoemaker 👞as mentor. The belts were a good catch for a first product. The 2 first objectives were: the product development with a belt combining functionality, style & pricing and the sale of 100 belts to customers 👨to validate customer’s interest. He partnered with 3 concept stores and in 3 days, he sold out everything.

Now, Hubert employs 🚀6 people and 50% of them are disabled. They all share the same passion, vision and wear the same belt. 🙂As of now, they have produced thousands of products and generated hundreds of thousands of turnover💰. Next year, Hubert plans to double the turnover and extend the team! Combing impact and business, that is possible! At La Vie Est Belt, One motto: All actors of a better world! 🌟

🌟 🌟 🌟 At Our Own Pace And Scale, Everyone Can Aspire To Change The World 🌟 🌟 🌟

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