Loubna is Fighting for Inclusion by Enabling Every Woman to Live from Her Cooking Talents

✋Nowadays, inclusion is one of the main challenge in France🇨🇵. Most people from different social background, country 🌍and religion do not know 🗣️each other and it often leads to misunderstandings. Back in 2017, Loubna with her two Co-founders found an impactful solution💡 which could be turned into a business🚀: Meet My Mama. It is an online caterer platform💻 which offers cuisines from around the world.

Loubna met Donia during her time at PWC. They got along instantly 👍 and started to get involved into social activities with refugees. Morever, Loubna’s grandmother arrived in France more than 50 years ago and she was still not able to speak, read and write in French. Integration was way easier for men who received trainings 👩‍🏫 , learnt the language at work… But for women staying at home, integration was a different story. 🌟 However, they had one talent that has never been questioned: their ability to cook incredible dishes 🙂 .

On the one side, there are thousands of Mamas 👧with incredible cooking🍽️ talents from all over the world🌍 but who struggle to be well integrated. On the other side, thousands of corporate👔 customers looking for 🙂👍outstanding catering services. Connecting those two worlds could be a perfect occasion to change people’s mind and prejudices🌟.

Step by step, My Meet My Mama removed every barriers🚧 which could prevent great Mamas from living from their cooking🍴 talents. They match🔗 corporates looking for catering services with Mamas, they trained the Mamas to get their food certifications📜, they developed beautiful packaging, they insure the logistic, they partnered with butlers and they manage the customer service. From time to time, the Mamas are even invited at the corporate events for public speeches📣!

The business side of My Mama could not perform well without the NGO 🌟one called Empower My Mama. The “Inspire My Mama” groups are sharing groups where Mamas can gather and talk about their challenges and encourage 🙂each other. At the Mama Academy👩‍🏫, Mamas can pass their certificates🎓, improve on their soft skills and receive practical trainings.

Today, Meet My Mama, it is a team of 16 full time employees👨‍💼👩‍💼 and 250 Mamas from all over the world🌍. They are not far from the M€🌍 of revenues and they are planning to scale🕸️ the service in other cities very soon! The Mission will remain the same: Enable every woman to live from their cooking talents & Enable restauration to be more sustainable🌟, inclusive🌟 and responsible🌟.

🌟🌟🌟At Our Own Pace and Scale Everyone Can Aspire To Change The World!🌟🌟🌟

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