Paul Duan — Data Science Genius Fighting against unemployment

Hi Everyone👋,

I had the chance to meet with Paul Duan👨, the inspiring founder of Bayes Impact, the Y Combinator-backed NGO which builds citizen-led public services to create a fairer and inclusive future for our societies. By leveraging data science 💻, they achieved outstanding impacts: 800 police agencies 👮use their tool to reduce violence 💥 in the US 🇺🇲, 150 000 people helped to return to work ⚒️ in France 🇨🇵, -30% of microcredit 💰 fraud to Ghanaian 🇬🇭 entrepreneurs… From the city of Trappes in France where he was born to the University of Berkeley 🎓 in California, he started his career at the well know startup 🚀 Eventbrite as Data Scientist. In the Silicon Valley, he discovered that most of the world brightest data scientists were developing algorithms #️⃣ for privileged people. But what about technology 👨‍💻 at the service of the society for a fairer and more inclusive future? Paul got the courage to quit his job 5 years ago to create a non-profit startup 🚀. Paul is now leading a mission driven team 💪 of 8 people fully dedicated to build Citizen-led Public Services.

They have one motto: 🌠🌠👉”Empowering people at scale” ! 🌠🌠🤩

Any thoughts?


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